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Home Loan

Minimum Interest Rate For Home Loan -8 %(1 Cr & above) . -8.35%

eligibility criteria

Your current income.

The nature and continuity of your employment.

Your current obligations i.e. the other installments (EMIs) you are currently paying, the number of credit cards and credit limits you have or use.

Your past credit history.

home loan faqs
Q:- What is the best way to apply for a Home Loan?

You can start the process of applying for a Home Loan in any of the following ways:

Compare offers from different banks

Check your eligibility basis the income and current loans being serviced

Apply online with multiple banks, to assess the best & competitive loan offers

Q:- What criteria would Banks look at to decide my eligibility for a Home Loan?

Among the multiple factors that a Bank considers in determining Home Loan eligibility are:

Income of all applicants.

Age of the primary applicant

Number of dependents that the applicants have to support.

Assets and liabilities of the applicants

Stability and continuity of the primary applicant's occupation.

Q:- Can I also avail of a Home Loan for Home improvements or a Home extension?

Yes! You can avail of a Home Loan for any of the following:

Purchase of a home.

Construction of a home.

Home repairs.

Home improvements.

Home extension

Q:- What are the different types of Home Loan interest rates?

Offers of Fixed and Floating rates as explained below:

Fixed Home Loan rates: The rate of interest applicable for the Home Loan is fixed throughout the term of repayment of Loan.

Floating Home Loan rates: The rate of interest applicable for the Home Loan changes with change in the Bank's Base rate.